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Task Analysis Prelimary page. PLEASE MAKE ADDITIONS

Task analysis

PAY Acticity fees
paid online with tuition

Coupon pickup

Learn about football distribution method
identify time when booth is open to bring id card
make self available at that time
Travel to pickup booth
wait in line 5minute wait
talk with friends
present id card to be swiped
present others if carrying for someone else (up to 3)
Receive coupon vouchers

Ticket pickup

Decide whether want to go to game
How well is the team performing?
who is the opposing team?
Determine available times and schedule pickup
See ticket booth
see line
get in line?
come back later?
Waiting in line
maintaining position
Short wait
Camping out
Receiving vouchers
Waiting for booth to open
holding spot for others
Show id(s) and give coupon(s) to teller
receive ticket and id
walk away
store ticket until game

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