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Topics to research for paper

(1) statistics on number of blind/visually impaired in the world and in the US (Anne)
(2) statistics on number of blind/visually impaired people who read Braille (Anne)
(3) information on current household ATs including talking appliances (Britt)
(4) information on JAWS and other computer programs (Britt)
(5) information on universal remotes and technology behind it (Jamie)
(6) information on wall panels to control different things around the house or office and technology behind them (Jamie)
(7) articles on involving your target group in the design process (Lisa)
(8) information on general design considerations (like controls and displays, AT vs. universal design) (Lisa)
New topics for Jamie

(1) information on guidelines for accessible web design (e.g. alt tags)
(2) information on thermastats

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