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Zuley Clarke | website
MS Candidate Information Design and Technology
BS Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University

Research Interests: Interactive TV, Educational Technology, Information/Communication Design

Zuley Clarke is currently in her second year of the Information Design and Technology program at Georgia Tech.

Action Plan Goals
1. Interactive Technologies in Science Class
2. Work in TV Studio
3. Women's Professional Education
4. Tutor Algebra

Austin Collins
PhD Candidate, Department of Physics
BS Physics, California Institute of Technology

Research Interests: fluid dynamics, statistical mechanics, and gravitational physics

Austin Collins is currently a first-year graduate student in the Ph. D. Physics program at Georgia Tech.

While at Caltech, Austin spent several years working with the MIT/Caltech LIGO Project followed by 5 years as Vice President of Product Development for TenFold Corporation in San Francisco from 1997 to 2002. After two years with the University of California at Davis Center for Neuroscience, Austin returned to his physics roots by enrolling in the Ph. D. Physics program at Georgia Tech in 2004.

Action Plan Goals
1. Measurably improve Algebra I passing rate
2. Develop calculus-based advanced physics curriculum
3. Institute programs involving high achievers in active research.
4. Evaluate utility of high school physics as a subject


Shelly Kruger

Bio here

Action Plan Goals



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