Westlake STEP Fellow Bios

Name:Christina M. Gardner
Home College:College of Computing
Degree: Master's Degree in Computer Science
Specialization: Learning Science & Technology
Research Interest:Little League Cooking
Advisor:Dr. Janet Kolodner
Hometown: Montclair, NJ
Undergraduate University: Syracuse University
Undergraduate Degree: Computer Engineering

Email: cmgardne@cc.gatech.edu
Hobbies:Basketball and Football, education, mentoring, community outreach, Black Graduate Student Association, Sigma Gamma Rho, Incorporated

Name: W. Brad Jones
Home College: Industrial and Systems Engineering
Degree: Doctorate Degree
Specialization: Health Systems
Advisor: Dr. Francois Sainfort & Dr. William B. Rouse
Hometown: Heidelberg, Missississippi
Undergraduate University: Mississippi State University
Undergraduate Degree: Industrial Engineering

Email: wbrad@isye.gatech.edu
Hobbies: Football, mentoring, piano, likes gospel and classical music

Name: Chris Grabowski
Home College: Polymer and Fiber Engineering
Degree: Bachelor's Degree
Advisor: Mary Lyn Realff
Email: gtg110i@mail.gatech.edu
Hobbies: reading, road trips, country music, GA TECH Athletics

Name: Allan Quaife
Home College: Mechanical Engineering
Degree: Bachelor's Degree
Email: gtg898b@mail.gatech.edu
Hobbies: Basketball, rock climbing, backpacking and kayaking, part-time job with REI