How to Read BookMorphs

BookMorphs are the digital book and slide presentation format of Squeak. These books will definitely work with 2.8. We have not been able to get the books to work with Squeak 3.2. Squeak 2.7 had several bugs with BookMorphs that made them hard to port across filesystems and platforms. Squeak 2.8 repairs these bugs.

Here's a quickie description of how to use them:

BookMorphs are serialized forms of all the objects in the books. "Serialized" means that the objects have been rendered in a format that can be stored to a file and later recreated in memory with all of its connections and relationships intact. Serialization is a hard problem, e.g., what do you do when the definition of an object (i.e., its class) has changed between serialization and re-instantiation? BookMorphs do handle this with conversion methods.

One day, you'll read in a BookMorph, and it will tell you that an object has changed, and it will ask you to please either find or write a conversion method. Here's the easiest thing to do: Choose to write one. The BookMorph will provide you with a template that is almost always correct as-is. Just close the browser that pops up, and try to read the book again. It'll most probably work the second time.