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Sign up for Teacher Training, Timber Ridge Conference Center, June 17-18, 2003

Please sign up for Teacher Training by typing your name in the add box and click add. Thanks, Paddy Kennington

Paddy Kennington
David Stokes
Cindy Jordin
Ann Pitini (sister getting married, can attend day 1)
Leslie Madden
Amy Kruse(Will be there on day 2)
Mary Axford
Lori Critz
Ramona Meraz
Frank Stanley
John Stein
Cathy Carpenter
Tim Daniels
Kathy Earwood
Page Morton - Can attend but must leave by 2:30 both days
Robert Morton
Tabitha Barnette
Amy Stalzer
Jameson Moschella
Debra Lynch
Kirk McQueen
Cassandra Spiller
Shannon Scott
Deborah Covin Wilson
Kasey Helton
Mike Fulford
Ron Kwok
Matt Peck (must leave by 4pm)
Kim McMahon
Dawn Edwards
Sandi Bramblett
Letitia Henderson
Gail Waller
Abena Aidoo
Randy McDow
Lesley Hamm
Buck Cooke
Billiee Pendleton-Parker
Kimberly Blue
Merideth Ray
Maz Kosma
Alan Michaels (Taiwan cancelled)
Seth Brady
Denise Johnson
Lydia Karakolidis 2nd day
Brooke Novak 2nd day