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Teachers' Syllabi

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Syllabus #1:


Office: Room 103 Dupree College of Management
Telephone: 404-385-1483
Office Hours: Tuesday and Friday 9:00AM – 10:00AM

Course Objectives: This class will teach concepts and strategies to help enable a student’s success in college and also foster life long learning skills.

Attendance Policy: Attendance will be taken every class. If class was not important then there would not be a need for us to schedule classes. I understand that emergencies will arise during the semester but you need to make the decision to how much of an emergency it will be if you miss a class. Therefore, for students who attend every class period a bonus of 50 points will be given. Students who miss a minimum of 2 classes, bonus points of 25 points will be given. On the flip side, students who miss 4 or 5 classes, I will deduct 25 points, and students who miss 6 or 7 classes will be deducted 50 points. For a student that misses more than 8 classes then 100 points will be deducted.

Student’s Responsibility in the Classroom:

· No Cell Phones.
· No Beepers in class.
If your cell phone or beeper goes off during class you will be ask to leave for the day and receive an absence for that class period. Respect your peers who are here to learn. Phones and beepers are a distraction and interfere with learning.
· Use a Planner
· Come to class prepared and participate during class time. Read the materials for class.
· Turn in proper work on the assigned date due.

Textbook to be used: Keys to Success in College, Career and Life: Georgia Tech Custom Edition.

Grades/Projects for the term: Total Points
1. Scavenger Hunt 100 points
2. Resume’ 200 points Draft turned in by deadline (100 points)
Final draft with corrections turned in by deadline (100 points)
3. JVIS Inventory 100 points
4. 2 Page Project – “researching your major” 150 points
5. There will be three exams each worth 100 points 300 points
6. Weekly journals 15 weeks at 10 points each 150 points

900 or more points A
800 or more points B
700 or more points C
600 or more points D
below 600 points F

DEADLINES: ASSIGNMENTS DUE DATE: Turning in papers on your assigned date and time is the students responsibility. Failure to turn in assignments/projects by the due date will result in no points for that assignment or project. You may turn in assignments/projects early if you complete them before the due date.

Scavenger Hunt October 24
Resume’ Draft September 12
Resume’ Final Copy November 7
JVIS inventory September 26
2 page Project – “Researching your major” November 14
Journal Each Thursday end of class

You will receive a hand out explaining details of each assignment. For full credit on each assignment you must show that you did the work in detail as ask. If you are having any problems with homework assignments or projects please feel free to come and ask me questions.

Tentative Schedule:

August 30 Class 2 pg. XVII – 34 Quick Start to College & Chapter 1
September 5 Class 3 Chapter 2 & 3
September 12 Class 4 Exhibit 10 & 11 (back of book) Resume’/Interview
September 19 Class 5 TEST

September 26 Class 6 Chapter 4 & 5 Critical Thinking/Reading/Study
October 3 Class 7 Chapter 6 & 8 Listening/Note taking/TEST
October 10 Class 8 Chapter 7 Research
October 17 Class 9 TEST

October 24 Class 10 Wellness Center/Guest – Heather Surrency
October 31 Class 11 Chapter 9 Relating to Others
November 7 Class 12 Chapter 10 Wellness and Stress
November 14 Class 13 Chapter 11 Career and Money
November 21 Class 14 Chapter 12 Success/Move Ahead
December 5 Class 15 TEST

September 2 Official School Holiday
September 27 Drop Day- Last day to drop individual courses. This is done on-line.
October 11 Mid-Term
October 14 & 15 Mid-Term Recess (No classes)
November 28 –29 Official School Holiday

Academic Honesty: The Georgia Tech honor code applies to this class and any violations will be handled through the proper authorities.

Syllabus #2:

Paddy's syllabus for Math Psych1000: