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Detailed Use Case Descriptions

Error: this should not happen - Page describes what should be inside a detailed use case.

Annotate Slide

precondition: Presentation has been started. A slide (blank or prepared) is being displayed.
postcondition: Annotations to the slide have been made persistent. The slide is now the original state + new annotations -> that is whenever this slide is shown in the future, the annotations are shown with it.
Use case diagram:

1. The Annotater (a role of either presenter or spectator) invokes the use case by making an annotation on a slide.
2. If presenter, use Annotate Public use case.
3. If spectator, use Annotate Private use case.
4. The system timestamps the annotation.
5. The timestamped annotation is stored locally and moved to repository in background.
6. The use case instance terminates.
7. ERRORS: Network down, Insufficient Local Storage, Undo Annotation

Annotate Public
preconditon: Inside the annotate slide use case.
postcondition: Annotations saved into repository as public. Annotations are displayed on main viewer and on spectator viewer (if sync option selected).
1. Annotation is marked as public and identified with presenter's ID.
2. Slide in public viewer is updated to show slide + annotations.

Annotate Private
precondition: Inside the annotate slide use case.
postcondition: Annotations saved into repository as private to the spectator. Annotations are displayed only on spectator viewer.
1. Annotation is marked private and identified with annotator's ID.
2. Slide in spectator viewer is updated to show slide + annotations.

View Presentation

precondition: Presentation has been recorded by C2000, Viewer has
chosen a presentation to view.
postcondition: Viewer has seen the information for the presentation.

1. System retrieves presentation information from repository
2. System displays information to Viewer
3. View Slides is performed
4. Viewer browses slides
5. Viewer selects annotation
5a. Viewer selects from timeline
6. View Video use case

View Slides

precondition: Presentation is being viewed, presentation has slides
postcondition: Slides are displayed to the Viewer

1. Slide is retrieved from the repository
2. Slide is displayed to user
repeat for all slides

View Video

precondition: Presentation is being viewed, starting point has been selected, presentation has video
postcondition: Video is played for Viewer at specified starting point.

1. Retrieve video from repository
2. Start video from starting point
3. Play until user stops.

View Notes

precondition: Presentation has been selected.
postcondition: If Spectator has notes, the notes are displayed. Otherwise an error message is displayed.

1. Login
2. Retrieve notes from repository
3. Display notes to user

1. Login
2. Error message

Display Presentation
precondition: C2000 system is up, and all the materials are on the server.
postcondition: presentation is displayed

1. Presenter starts LiveBoard
2. Presenter starts ZenPad
3. System predicts the lecture and slides
4. Presenter logs onto ZenPad
5. Presenter selects View Lecture
6. System displays the first slide

Create Presentation Material
precondition: C2000 System is up and presentation material is available to the system.
postcondition: presentation material has been created.

Use case:

1. Presenter designates particular presentation
3. Presenter imports from external application
4. Presenter ends presentation and it is saved in repository