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Actor Definitions

C2000 Top Level Actors


The Presenter is a person who creates, delivers, and sometimes manages the presentation.


The Spectator represents a person who attends the live presentation. The Spectator could have taken notes during this presentation. During Access, the Spectator will behave in the same role as the Viewer when viewing the presentation, but has additional capabilities of viewing, editing, and searching their individual notes.


The Viewer is any person who wants to look at a recorded presentation.

Graphics Package

Do we need this? The package doesn't use the system or interact with it at all?


The Developer is responsible for designing and constructing the system.


The Researcher is someone who is studying statistics gathered by C2000 or analyzing the content to study a particular problem.


The Administrator is someone responsible for monitoring the C2000 hardware and software, and manages the security of the environment. The Administrator controls the Repository and manages persistent storage and archiving of old information.