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Top Level Use Case Descriptions

C2000: The Untold Story

A presenter uses the Create Lecture Materials use case to prepare a presentation for use with C2000. The presenter may use the Recover and Reuse Presentation use case to reuse materials from another presentation. The presenter can give the presentation at a later time or create the lecture while presenting.

When ready to give the presentation live before spectators, the presenter activates the Give Presentation use case. The presenter then uses the Display Presentation use case to show the presentation created earlier.

Spectators view the presentation materials using either their individual display devices or a main device at the front of the room. At any time, the spectator or the presenter may make annotations on the displayed materials using the Annotate Presentation use case. When the presenter annotates a displayed material, all displays receive and display the annotation. When the spectator annotates a display, only the spectator's copy of the materials is updated. During the presentation – depending on the class configuration selected by the presenter – the audio and video of the presentation is also captured and timestamped along with the annotations using the Record Presentation use case.

At the conclusion of the class, the C2000 system post-produces the presentation by integrating the audio, video and annotation information streams. Also created are visual indexes into the presentation to aid in the access phase.

A Viewer can access the post-produced presentation using the View Presentation use case. In this case, only the presenters "public" annotations can be accessed and the access is in read-only mode. A spectator can access the presentation with his/her personal annotations using the View Notes use case. In this case the spectator can modify his/her personal annotations if desired.

At any point a researcher may specify the types of instrumentation to activate using the XXXX use case. Later, the researcher may request C2000 to produce information using the View Statistics use case.