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ISSUE: What metrics are collected?

So during class we discussed what metrics would we have the students collect? I think we have a few options:
  • Teach and use the whole PSP
  • Allow each project to define the metrics of importance
  • Have some minimal set of metrics required and allow projects to collect any additional metrics desired.

I think the first option is just 2 much. The students will have enough culture shock just moving into large-scale projects, much lest being overcome by outrageous amounts of paperwork.

The second option is also not viable. After all, when push comes to shove, students will decide no metrics are good metrics.

So what then are the minimal metrics? Well first we are not a commercial enterprise, therefore the metrics selected should allow the students to learn something or provide the basis for learning in another context.

I think 2 fundamental metrics are necessary to support other activities:

Personal defects by general category.
Personal time estimated vs time required vs KLOC

Can we automate some portion of collecting these metrics?

We can then use these metrics later in boot camp to look at process improvement activities using real data, and to help the personal estimation process.

Defect Metric Guides:

An important aspect of the metrics gathering is provided as much automated capture as possible.
Commercial IDE with PSP-like support.
RWL Project
Here is a Requirements Doc:
Available University Software
Auto Time Logging:
PSP Studio: