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Practicum: Requirements


While in the requirements rotation, the student will gain experience in creating a software requirements specification. The specification will be based on an actual project (from the software factory or perhaps outside).

Subtasks included are:

  • the use of ellicitation techniques - including surveys and validation

  • the study and application of behavioral and non-behavioral to the specification

  • drafting and organizing a specification to be used later by another group

  • revising the specification

  • Assessment:

    The student will be evaluated twice in the practicum based on the specification they have created (~%80) and on performance in other areas (such as examining other specifications).

    In the case of only one student writing the specification, the evaluation is given by the instructor alone. If more than one member is working on a specification for any one project, the weight of evaluation is divided equally among the instructor and the students involved in the group. This insures that the student may not take advantage of receiving high grades from their peers for giving high grades in return by essentially a "veto" by the instructor.

    In evaluating the specification, a criteria should be developed by which all documents are graded.
    READING: Software Requirements (Objects, functions and States) by Alan M. Davis

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