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Spring 2005 Seminar

Spring 2005 Seminar Schedule

DateTopicDiscussantsPapers and/or seminar materialsDiscussion
12 JanuarySchedulingN/AN/AN/A
19 JanuarySatchel: Providing Access to Any Document, Any Time, AnywhereJeff PierceSatchel final.pdf
26 JanuaryPast, present, and future of user interface software toolsJulie Kientz
Shwetak Patel
Missing File (/hci-seminar/uploads/p3-myers.pdf)
2 FebruaryDesigning Audio Aura - Mynatt
Collaboration In A Shared Mixed Reality System - Brown
Steven Dow
Allison Sall
Missing File (/hci-seminar/uploads/mynattDesigningAudioAura.pdf)
Missing File (/hci-seminar/uploads/people-at-leisure-brown.pdf)
9 Februarycanceled
16 FebruaryCollaboration in a Shared Mixed Reality System (continued)
23 FebruaryThe Anti-Mac InterfaceBill JulyanMissing File (/hci-seminar/uploads/anti-mac.pdf)
2 MarchCulturability: The Merging of Culture and Usability
Cultural Dimensions and Global Web Design
Marcela MusgroveCulturability
AMA CultDim.pdf
9 MarchConfiguring Ubiquitous Computing EnvironmentsMatt McKeonJigsaw
Magnetic Poetry
For those of you who were here during the discussion of privacy and campus networks, here is GA Tech's campus IT policy. It looks like they've done a good deal of work on it since the last time I looked at it. ~erika
16 March
30 March
6 April
13 AprilCHI 2005 short papersJaemin Lee Missing File (/hci-seminar/uploads/
20 AprilTUIJi-Won SongMissing File (/hci-seminar/uploads/FishPong.pdf)
Missing File (/hci-seminar/uploads/tangible%20interface.pdf)
27 AprilDesigning Interaction, Not InterfacesErika Shehan, Susan Wychep15-beaudouin-lafon.pdf