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Fall 2004 Schedule

Fall 2004 Seminar Schedule

DateTopicDiscussantsPapers and/or seminar materialsDiscussion
17 AugustSchedulingN/AN/A
24 AugustIntegrating the Periphery and ContextKent Lyons Buxton's PDF
31 AugustRemote Concept Design From a Activity Theory PerspectiveChris Plaue
Susan Wyche
7 SeptemberAcquisition of Expanding Targets Chris Skeels
Bernadette Carter
Zhai's Followup
14 SeptemberQualitative Research Techniques
- Interaction Relabelling and Extreme Characters and / Cultural Probes
Susan Wyche Paper 1, p21-gaver.pdfHow to observe
21 September Guest Speaker   
28 September The Anti-Mac Interface Julie Kientz
Matt McKeon
5 October Shorthand Writing on a Stylus Keyboard Ed Clarkson
Shwetak Patel
12 October Gesture based authentication - UIST practice Shwetak Patel  
19 October   Fall Break  
26 October New foundation for HCI Swaroop Vattam
DiCog-New foundation for HCI.pdfImportance of frameworks
2 November UIST Summary    
9 November Reinventing the Familiar: Exploring an Augmented Reality Design Space for Air Traffic Control Steven Dow
Courtney Lessl
CHI98 Reinventing.pdf
16 November Animation: From Cartoons to the User Interface Heather MahaneyAnimation, p45-chang.pdf
23 NovemberConfiguring the User as EverybodySusan WycheConfiguring the User.pdfThis is the introduction to "How Users Matter: The Co-Construction of Users and Technology ed. Oudshoors,N., and Pinch, T.