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Spring 2003 Schedule

DateTopicDiscussantsPapers and/or seminar materials
9 JanuarySchedulingN/AN/A
16 JanuaryInfo VisJames Eagan (eaganj@cc)
Chris Plaue (plaue@cc)
Inventing discovery tools
23 JanuaryHCI ResearchHeather Richter
Gillian Hayes
A Preliminary Analysis of the Products of HCI Research, Using Pro Forma Abstracts
30 JanuaryCSCW
Context-Aware Comp.
Kris Nagel
Bob Amar
A Finger on the Pulse: Temporal Rhythms and Information Seeking in Medical Work
Seeking a Foundation for Context-Aware Computing
6 FebruaryTBDTBD
13 FebruaryPrivacy in UbicompGiovanni IachelloL. Palen, P. Dourish: Unpacking "Privacy" for a Networked World to appear in CHI2003
20 FebruaryCross-modal InteractionBob Amar
Heather Mahaney
Olsen et al. Cross-modal Interaciton using XWeb in UIST2000
27 FebruaryHow a program
committee works
Gregory AbowdSubmissions for IEEE PVC Special Issue
6 MarchNo seminar (Spring Break)N/AN/A
13 MarchMental ModelsChad Wingrave
Mental Models, Psychology of Abstract
20 MarchUser centered evaluation
of software infrastructure
Gregory Abowd
Steve Voida
Edwards et al. CHI 2003 paper on infrastructure evaluation
27 MarchGender & The Smart HouseAmy Voida
Brian Landry
Anne-Jorunn Berg, Missing File (/hci-seminar/uploads/berg.pdf)
3 AprilPredicting Human Interruptability with SensorsZach Pousman
Duke Hutchings
Predicting Human Interruptability with Sensors: A Wizard of Oz Feasibility Study
10 AprilTBDTBD
17 AprilDiscuss CHI Conference
Give Jay Feedback on his Ubicomp paper (VRP)
Jay Summet
Virtual Rear Projection (3rd draft) {8 pages!}
24 AprilCHI '03 Paper John Stasko
Manas Tungare
Technology Probes: Inspiring Design for and with Families
by Hilary Hutchison, et al
CHI '03 pp. 17-24.