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Fall 2002 Seminar Schedule

DateTopicDiscussantsPapers and/or seminar materials
22 AugustScheduling
Jay's HCC practice talk
Gregory Abowd
Jay Summet
29 AugustCHI Paper Jay Summet
Rahul Nair
Identity Construction Environments: Supporting a Virtual Therapeutic Community of Pediatric Patients Undergoing Dialysis - Marina U. Bers, Joseph Gonzalez-Heydric, David Ray DeMaso. Proceedings: CHI 2001 p 380-388. Missing File (/hci-seminar/uploads/p380-bers.pdf)
5 SeptemberHistory of Xerox PARCKent Lyons
Brian Landry
Inside the PARC: the 'information architects' - T. Perry and P. Wallich. IEEE Spectrum October 1985. Research at Xerox PARC: a founder's assessment - G. Pake. IEEE Spectrum October 1985. Missing File (/hci-seminar/uploads/parc-history.pdf)
12 SeptemberTOCHI PaperAmy Voida
Gillian Hayes
From Use to Presence: On the Expressions and Aesthetics of Everyday Computational Things - Lars Hallnas & Johan Redstrom, Interactive Institute, PLAY Research Studio. TOCHI June 2002 p. 106-124 Missing File (/hci-seminar/uploads/p106-hallnas.pdf)
19 SeptemberCSCWJeremy Goecks
Jeanie Miskelly
The Appropriation of Interactive Technologies: Some Lessons from Placeless Documents - Paul Dourish, To appear in Computer Support Cooperative Work, Special Issue of Evolving Use of Groupware Missing File (/hci-seminar/uploads/dourish-jcscw-appropriation.pdf)
26 SeptemberHuman Spatial/Visual/Memory AbilitiesChad & ShannonHow Are Visuospatial Working Memory, Executive Functioning, and Spatial Abilities Related? A Latent-Variable Analysis - Akira Miyake, Naomi P. Friedman, David A. Rettinger, Priti Shah, Mary Hegarty, Journal of Experimental Psychology
Giovanni made a more readable pdf:
Spatial Tests talked about in paper:
3 OctoberAffective Computing Quan Tran
Harry Smoak
Toward computers that recognize and respond to user emotion - R.W. Picard. IBM Systems Journal, MIT Media Laboratory, Vol. 39, Nos. 3&4, 2000 p 705-719.
10 OctoberCSCW Challenges Elaine Huang
David White
Grudin, J. (1995). Groupware and social dynamics: Eight challenges for developers. Readings in Human-Computer Interaction: Toward the Year 2000. R. M. Baecker, J. Grudin, W. A. S. Buxton and S. Greenberg. San Francisco, Morgan Kaufmann: 762-774. Missing File (/hci-seminar/uploads/p762-grudin.pdf)
17 OctoberUbiCompGillian Hayes
Khai Truong
Intille, S. (2002) Change Blind Information Display for Ubiquitous Computing Environments In the Proceedings of UbiComp 2002. (September 31-October 2, Goteberg, Sweden) pp. 91-106. [pdf]
24 October IUI Joe Tullio Maes, P. (1994) Agents that reduce work and information overload CACM 37(7) Missing File (/hci-seminar/uploads/p30-maes.pdf)
31 October
7 November
14 November
21 November
28 NovemberNO SCHOOL
Thanksgiving Holiday
5 December