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Editing exercise: clip 9

Here are some ideas, plans, and diagrams for potential editing exercises accessible from this clip.


  • offer the possibility of changing one of the lines of action in parallel edit: reverse, subvert the emotional dynamics of the scene
  • three synchronous, converging lines: embattled family in cabin, converging Klansmen, and blacks congregating in the street
  • possibility: remove the threatened family as point of identification, edit scene down to confrontation between Ku Klux Klan and the racial targets
  • provide shots of Afr-Ams in the street being attacked by the KKK and shots of the KKK gathering their forces
  • without the sympathetic core provided by the endangered family, the scene takes on even more menacing overtones of racial war: Klan massing not for an heroic rescue, but for hate-inspired lynching
  • provide ominous soundtrack