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Editing exercise: clip 6

Here are some ideas, plans, and diagrams for potential editing exercises accessible from this clip.


  • altering the filmic techniques of the scene to mitigate its pejorative comedy, racial caricatures
  • use of the iris shot, different camera angles to provide more time to the subdued, dignified elements of the black legislature: i.e. shot of the black speaker's chair
  • reduction in length of more derisive visual representations
  • switching out the soundtrack as a cue to audience reaction: removal of the burlesque music, which elicits the white mockery characteristic of the minstrel show
  • use of altered intertitles to re-inscribe a more accurate political discourse from the South Carolina legislature
  • removal of the fictive association between black government and laws encouraging miscegenation
  • attempt to re-work scene to code black government differently
  • provision of intertitles more reflective of the laws actually passed in the legislature: re-distribution of land to former slaves, granting of rights to black citizenry