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Editing exercise: clip 5

Here are some ideas, plans, and diagrams for potential editing exercises accessible from this clip.


  • the art of film has been called nothing more than narrative mapped on to a system of 'looks'
  • narrative meaning is created as shots capture one person looking followed by a point of view shot; a whole "conversation" of looks can be created through editing
  • only the establishing shot or other wide shots capture people's spatial relationship to one another, although often times this type of spatial arrangement is less important than who is looking at whom and who sees what when
  • some of the background can be eliminated through the use of iris shots, allowing virtually any system of looks to be mapped on to a set of characters regardless of the larger space
  • in other words, editing can be used to create relationships (determined by the look or the gaze) between characters that may have had no relationship in the pro-filmic event
  • use of a moveable iris shot and/or editable close-ups to direct the viewer's attention to individual characters
  • frames of Lincoln in his box, John Wilkes Booth's icy glare, Phil and Elsie in the audience