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Editing exercise: clip 4

Here are some ideas, plans, and diagrams for potential editing exercises accessible from this clip.


  • exercise which emphasizes Griffith's strategies for creating battle scenes using vectors of motion, in the absence of color cues for differentiating uniforms
  • acknowledge Griffith's technique of alternating between panoramic battle scenes and close-up shots of characters (changing between an epic and an individual scope: framing larger historical event in the context of personal reactions and acts of heroism, using individuals as figural types to represent their regions) – what if close-up shots of Ben Cameron and Phil Stoneman are removed showing only the larger battle scenes?
  • what if the stand-in director (the one that the temp agency sent on the day DWG was sick) broke the 180 degree rule? include laterally flipped frames
  • students can try to eliminate the confusion or add to it