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The Content Area2


I've been working on an outline for my scholarly voice-over, and I'm particularly worried about the length of the voice-over. You mentioned something on the order of two minutes in duration. I believe that I may be way over that length. What do you think about splitting this voice-over into two? In discussing Griffith's directorial style in dealing with his actresses, it really breaks down into two areas: his facilitation of a more naturalistic acting style and a feminist analysis of his relationships with these women. The vignette you mentioned to me – Griffith's encourage ment of Mae Marsh's seemingly inappropriate laughter in this scene – seems to fit better within the former category. Do you think that there would be an appropriate place to include the other scholarly voice-over? It seems to me that it would fit in well in another scene with Miriam Cooper, since a lot of the material I have is from Cooper's autobiographical writings.




If you think you need to break this material down into two areas, that is fine with me. Go ahead and work on the material on Griffith' facilitation of a naturalistic acting style, and we will look to see if there is an open voice over slot where the other might go. I cannot promise anything, but we will try.

  • Greg