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Points of Connection1

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Gregory VanHoosier Carey on "Penetration and the Insinuation of Rape"

PHASE I : Points of Connection

There are a number of connection points between this clip and those analyzed in other scholarly voice-overs. The most obvious links are concerned the depiction of symbolic penetration in the Camerons' stand at the soldiers cabin (clip 9) and the threatened penetration avoided by Flora's leap from the cliff in order to protect her honor (clip 7). Another issue you might explore is how this symbolic penetration relates to the Silas Lynch's rather "penetrating" leers at Elsie Stoneman that occur throughout the film. These, of course, foreshadow Lynch's proposal to and attempted forced marriage of Elsie. Another issue to explore is how the threat of penetration is also suggested by the excerpt from Woodrow Wilson's Congressional Government which appears on a set of intertitles near the beginning of Part Two of the film.