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Points of Connection2

SVO Collaboration Page
Ellen Strain on "D. W. Griffith and His Actresses"

PHASE I : Points of Connection

We like to give our scholars an idea of what other topics will be discussed in other voice-overs so that complementarity can be emphasized, giving our CD-rom a sense of cohesiveness despite the diverse disciplines and research interests of the scholars involved. In this case, one of the strong points of connection might be Griffith's management of his actresses within a family-like structure of discipline and nurturance, an issue that meshes quite nicely with other scholars' discussion of Griffith's focus on the family within Birth and his likening of nation to family. Similarly, there is his penchant for portraying women as vulnerable, often orphaned or at the hands of weak or even corrupt father figures, which seems to mirror the actual situations of many of the actresses working in the film industry during this period.