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Collaboration Pages

SVO Collaboration Page
General Information: Collaboration Pages


The SVO Collaboration Pages on the Coweb are meant to provide us with some structure and a space for communication as we work with a number of scholars to plan the taping of voice-overs for inclusion on the Griffith in Context CD-rom. In many cases, we will be including video, images, and interactive files for you to view. Rather than sending you email with these large files, we will make these accessible to you via the Coweb. The SVO Collaboration Pages will also allow you to peer into the same collaboration process being pursued with other scholars. Not only should this clarify expectations, but you will be able to gain insight into the content being provided by other scholars, in order to see how your content may fit into the larger picture. One of the most important functions of the SVO Collaboration Pages is the exchange of information that will allow us to provide you with all necessary resources (documents, etc.) for your scholarly voice-over.

If you will be providing multiple voice-overs, a cover page for each will be provided. A link to each of the other cover pages will be provided on every cover page, which will be referenced by your name and the topic of the voice-over. A separate page for each phase of the collaboration process is linked from the cover page. Each of these pages provides a template for the tasks to be accomplished within that particular phase of collaboration. From the cover page, you may access anIndex of SVO Collaboration Pages , which lists other scholars and topics, according to the current phase of collaboration.