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The Intended Audience

SVO Collaboration Page
General Information: The Intended Audience


We ask that scholars giving voice-overs keep in mind the intended audience for the CD-rom: undergraduates from a variety of disciplines. We will be introducing and employing a consistent set of concepts and terms across Griffith in Context, and we will provide you with a list of those terms as necessary. Beyond those terms, you should not expect users of this CD-rom to be familiar with discipline-specific lingo. We are asking all of our participating scholars to adhere to some guidelines pertaining to effective pedagogical technique:

  • foreground areas of controversy within the field, particularly when you have knowledge of another scholar contributing to this project who may present a slightly different view of the same subject
  • repeat difficult concepts in rephrased form
  • keep discussion grounded with specific references to the clip at hand
  • define terms that may be new to some students
  • provide summarizing comments.

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