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Our Philosophy on the Film

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General Information: Our Philosophy on the Film


The Birth of a Nation is an entry point into a locus of entangled issues related to national identity, race, regionalism, and culture. The national debates the film prompted around race, censorship, and the role of film provide a unique window into an era and a model for understanding how cultural ideologies are negotiated within a national arena. Within such a discussion, neither the film's technical mastery nor its troubling politics take precedence. Instead the two are seen as inseparable; such debates never would have been triggered by the film had it not been both politically incendiary in its portrait of history and race and brilliant in its use of film's narrative and technical potential.

We expect that the CDrom's presentation of some of the finer points regarding the film may be multifaceted, even conflicted, as different scholars present their visions of the film and its ideological mechanics. However, it is our hope that scholars presenting voice-overs will be in agreement with the our basic philosophy on the film, as stated in the above paragraph.

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