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Janet Kolodner

Hi. You might want to look at my out-of-date home page: I'm delighted we have a cog sci discussion group again. I created the first of these in Atlanta along with Larry Barsalou at Emory (psych) back in 1982 or 1983. Formal programs or not, Atlanta has been a good place for cognitive science for a long time. ;-)


Talk Friday November 3, 2006

Education beyond the classroom.

(work done along with Tammy Clegg and Christina Gardner)

We've used what we know about learning from experience and what the transfer and analogy literatures have to say about learning to design classroom curriculum units and a way of managing the classroom that promotes learning both science content and science practices. The classroom, though, is relatively easy compared to more informal education. In the classroom, the teacher has some authority and students do essentially what they are supposed to do. But in after-school, weekend, and summer activities, the learners choose to be there, and they can just as easily choose not to be. A big issue we are addressing in our Kitchen Science Investigators project is how to make sure the activities and discussions and note-taking that promote learning happen without turning the kids off to returning. I'll talk about some of what we are trying to do as we attempt to sequence activities so that learners will be engaged, have fun, get to make choices, and do the things that promote learning. Important to our endeavor is figuring out what our expectations with respect to learning should be.

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