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Shared Dock

Task DescriptionComplete
A graphic representing a fishing dock resides in the center of the playing area. Y
Players can float up to the dock but will not be able to float through it. Y
Ramming the dock will cause the player's boat to stop moving towards the dock. Y
A player who rams the dock will be disabled (stunned) for an amount of time that scales with how hard that player rammed the dock. Y
The dock will have a ring around it indicating the dock's range (see next task). Y
A player who comes within the docks range will automatically deposit all of his/her fish from the boat to the dock. The player must be going below a certain speed for this transfer to happen (tunable). Y
A player turning in a gold fish will add one to that number of fish that player has the least of. Y
A player turning in a diamond fish will add one to every type of fish that player still needs more of. Y
When a player turns in his/her fish, the game will check to see if that player has enough of each type to win the game. N

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