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XSI Exporter extensions and changes

Ogre XSI Export

In order to provide a better workflow and functionality like physics, the standard XSI Exporter was extended. The interface of the old exporter was not broken, so it is still possible to access the original version via the XSI Export menu.

To compile the AEL version, enable #define AEL_EXPORT in "OgreXSIHelper.h"

List of changes:
  • implemented the XSI Command version of the Exporter Plugin, to make it accessable by script. In the original version, there is a "to do" placeholder
  • fixed tangent generation bug
  • materials can be exported, using a template material file, which is assign as a custom shader node in the rendertree (OgreMaterial)
  • instead of the whole sceneroot, only the selected model is exported. This makes it possible, to generate several mesh files, with seperate animations and scene nodes
  • Exporter ignores any object, which has a collsion property assigned. Instead this object is exported as a seperate .collide file, which is used for a TreeCollision/Convex Hull

To simplify the integration of future ehancements and bugfixes, every code change is capsuled by #ifdef AEL_EXPORT

XSI Scene Exporter Plugin

A scene in XSI is exported into a XML format, similar to the dotScene DTD proposed by the Ogre Community.
Not all features are supported so far (like terrain and camera), but can be easily added, by extending the JScript plugin.

Every moveable object in Ogre, e.g. an entity is exported as a seperate .mesh file and is represented in XSI as a model. This provides a clean seperation of animation an geometry, as well as
physical behaviour

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