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Check out and compile Nebula/Presence from AEL Server

1. Create Directory e.g. Nebula2 AEL
2. Checkout SVN Module "Nebula2 AEL" from "[svnrepo]/presenceAR/trunk/Nebula2 AEL"
3. Checkout SVN Module "presence" (this is the Presence code) from "[svnrepo]/presenceAR/trunk/presence" into ../Nebula2 AEL/code/presence
4. Checkout SVN Module "presence_control" (this is the Presence Control progtam) from "[svnrepo]presenceAR/trunk/presence_control" into ../Nebula2 AEL/code/presence_code
5. Create Directory NebulaProjects
6. Checkout SVN Module "NebulaProjects" from "[svnrepo]/presenceAR/trunk/NebulaProjects"

The last one contains the runtime files (textures, shaders, meshes, etc.) which belong to the two Presence programs

To compile:
1. Set Environment Variable RL_HOME to the "Nebula2 AEL" Directory
2. run
 tclsh update.tcl 
for nebula, mangalore and presence (creates Visual Studio 7/8 files, tcl installation needed)
3. Set paths in VisualStudio, like include directories and libraries
4. Compile first Nebula2 (basis for all), then Mangalore (Game Framework) then Presence (needs both)
5. be happy!