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Meeting notes

First lab meeting of spring 2004:

Lab Meetings
  • Enylton in charge (people should volunteer)
  • Time: 1:45 - 3:15 pm Wednesdays
  • Food? Foundation money or chip in together

AR Design Class:
  • TA responsibilities
    • Markus (official), Steven, Brendan, Maribeth (unofficial)
  • Equipment / software / lab space
    • Laptops into dedicated lab
    • Brendan working on clones of our machines or potentially better machines
    • CNS wants a CNS-friendly machine with our software (works better on network)
    • Maribeth to bring Director 8.5 CD
  • Class readings
    • Tangible stuff (Steven send list to Blair/Jay, possible class lecture)
  • Tutorials / learning aids
    • Show capture/replay stuff to show tracker differences
    • Diagrams
  • Experiments with class (finished with IRB?)
    • Need to submit to IRB and figure out what we want to test

  • We will meet tomorrow and discuss this stuff
  • Capture/playback code
  • 32 vs 24 bit images
    • DLL for 24-bit support is ready
  • Camera drivers
  • Distribution for class/release to public

Move to TSRB
  • When? Construction is finished. Second week of Feb.
    • Once space is ready we can move ourselves
  • Process
    • Get keys
    • Figure out lab space (Enylton assign desks)
    • Get boxes and pack them (CNS moves everything)
    • What furniture to bring? Couch, train, shelving, etc
    • What are we bringing with us? Lab machines
    • Fish tank (Markus to move to hallway?)
    • New Equipment
      • New trackers (Vis Tracker - $1600, Total station - $7000)
      • Rent one for next week (experiments for SIGGRAPH)
      • New differential GPS devices (big antennea, work over long range)
      • New laptops (Protege tablet PC)

  • Blair got his NSF Career grant
  • Need to write more (with Maribeth on Presence, with Jen O. on military stuff)

  • Enylton SIGGRAPH paper
  • Possible TUI toolkits paper/workshop
  • No others until end of semester (start updating swiki)

GVU Opening
  • Mix Blair and Xin Wei stuff
  • Need demo stuff
  • March timeframe

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