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Here's the selection order this year. I used a semi-random method (asked a student to pick numbers) and got this order:

Dan/Ellen got ?? extra sets of tickets (marked as "yes" in column Extra). Beth also has ?? extra set (marked as "yes" in column Extra). Note that the ?? extra sets are most likely not near us or each other, and are likely much better than our seats!
Dan, you can pick first.

WhoPick [insert name of opponent]
dan/ellen UNC
blair/beth NC State
dan/ellen Clemson
dan/ellen Clemson
blair/beth BC
blair/beth wake
dan/ellen Va. Tech
dan/ellen Va. Tech
blair/beth Georgia
david Florida State
david Florida State
blair/beth nc state
dan/ellen BC
dan/ellen Wake Forest
blair/beth georgia
davidPenn State
davidPenn State
blair/beth winston-salem
dan/ellen Elon
dan/ellen Elon
blair/beth troy
david Jackson State
david Jackson State
Blair centenery
dan/ellen Morehouse
dan/ellen Morehouse
blairst francis
davidWinston-Salem State
davidSt. Francis (PA)
dan/ellen Ga. State
dan/ellen Ga. State
blair Troy

blair ticsdan tics
T1[insert your name]T2[insert your name]WhenWho whereTVTime Extra
Dan Ellen11/04/06 Sat Morehouse (exhibition) Alexander Memorial Coliseum 6:00 PM
Dan Ellen11/10/06 Fri Elon Alexander Memorial Coliseum 8:00 PM
David David 11/13/06 Mon Jackson State Alexander Memorial Coliseum 7:00 PM
Dan Ellen 11/16/06 Thu Georgia State Alexander Memorial Coliseum 6:00 PM
David David 11/28/06 Tue Penn State Alexander Memorial ColiseumESPNU8:00 PM
blair Blair 12/18/06 Mon Centenary Alexander Memorial Coliseum 7:00 PM
blair blair12/22/06 Fri Georgia Alexander Memorial Coliseum FSNS/FSN-FL/NESN7:00 PM
blair blair 12/28/06 Thu Troy Alexander Memorial Coliseum 2:00 PM
blairDavid 12/30/06 Sat St. Francis (PA) Alexander Memorial Coliseum 8:00 PM
Blair David 01/03/07 Wed Winston-Salem State Alexander Memorial Coliseum 7:00 PM
Blair David 01/10/07 Wed Duke Alexander Memorial ColiseumESPN7:00 PM
David David 01/13/07 Sat Florida State Alexander Memorial Coliseum 2:00 PM
Dan Ellen01/28/07 Sun Virginia Tech Alexander Memorial ColiseumFSN3:30 PM
Dan Ellen 02/03/07 Sat Clemson Alexander Memorial Coliseum RLF split1:00 PM
Blair blair02/06/07 Tue NC State Alexander Memorial Coliseum RSN7:00 PM
David David 02/11/07 Sun Connecticut Georgia Dome CBS 1:00 PM
Blair Ellen02/21/07 Wed Wake Forest Alexander Memorial ColiseumESPNU7:00 PM
David Dan/Ellen 03/01/07 Thu North Carolina Alexander Memorial ColiseumRLF/ESPN9:00 PM
Blair Dan03/04/07 Sun Boston College Alexander Memorial ColiseumFSN3:00 PM

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