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Trouble Shooting

Below is a list of troubles i have encountered. I have been working on MAC OS X so some of the errors maybe mac specific.

Virtual Objects are not showing up
Message Window reads:
"DART Xtra: loadPanel failed"
"ERROR: panel file squares01-06.calib failed to load. Check the markerfile cast member for errors"

The calib files were originally written for PC. Macs handle them differently, and more than likly your .calib files are in the wrong format. Try redownloading the MacData folder from the dart download site. replace your old Dart Data folder and try again. (Director may need to be restarted.)

I have limited access to the AR fiducials in the LiveTracker Behavior menu.

If you know you have more fiducial .calib files in your data directory that are not showing up then you need to modify the markerfile txt file in your internal cast. If the fiducial name has a pound sign in front of it then it is automatically skiped. You can also add fiducial names to this list to be added. click the link below to see a picture of what the marker file could look like.

Uploaded Image: markerfile.jpg

I am not getting an Image from the Camera

Make sure that your Data Directory is accurate. The picture below shows an accurate directory.
Uploaded Image: DataDirectory.jpg
Note that Director does not follow traditional unix syntax. ie. Macintosh HD should be written "Macintosh HD" NOT "Macintosh/ HD"

DART does not seem to be responding to keyboard input

watch the message window. If it does not acknowledge that you are pressing an input key then you might need to select the Stage by click on the active part of the Stage. Clicking on the header will not select the stage.

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