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DART Sample Movies

Sample Movies for DART-v1-alpha: DART-v1-alpha

Name: Marker Tracking Demo
Movie: MarkerTracking.dir (1.3 MB)
Description: This Director movie demonstrates ARToolkit fiducial tracking. The Actor under the loop is set up to create a simple primitive cube, but you can switch out this Actor with one of the others on the score to see other shapes and imported 3D models. Load your own shapes into the Internal cast library then modify the properties for the Object Actor to select your own model. (Demonstrates: Live Camera, MarkerTracking, Actors, Actions, Cues)

Uploaded Image: markerTrack.JPG

Name: Particle System Demo
Movie: Particles.dir (408 KB)
Description: This movie uses Director's built-in particle system to make a piece of wood appear to be on fire. The piece of wood sits on a fiducial and the fire sits above the wood. Adjust the numbers in the ParticlesProperties behavior to change the look of the fire. (Demonstrates: Live Camera, MarkerTracking, Actors, Particle Systems, Actions, Cues)
Uploaded Image: particles.JPG

Name: Sketch example of 4 Angry Men
Movie: 4AM-Sketch.dir (433 KB)
Supporting casts: POV A (105 KB) (unzip these and point Director to the correct directory when prompted)
Description: This example shows how DART can be used for storyboarding an experience. There are three actors that are essentially quick sketches of a more formal experience. They are placeholders for eventual video based actors. (Demonstrates: Live camera, SketchActor, Actions)
Uploaded Image: 4AM-Sketch.JPG

Name: Occlusion demo
Movie: Occlusion.dir (694 KB)
Description: One cool thing you can do with DART is give physical objects presence so that they can visually occlude the virtual objects. This movie shows how an object on a fiducial is blocked by the mug. You will have to place the mug in exactly the right place or adjust the position and size of the second Actor to match your physical set up. The second loop shows a similar demo using VRPN. (Demonstrates: Live camera, Actors (physical and virtual), Actions)
Uploaded Image: occlusion.JPG

Name: Animation demo
Movie: Animation.dir (976 KB)
Supporting casts: SwervingPath.cst (168 KB)
Description: This example shows how you can animate Actors in DART. In this case, a fish model is attached to a swirving motion. You can playback tracker data from a previously captured motion (see the playback/capture example below). The motion can be looped to show the animation again. (Demonstrates: Live video, Actors, PlaybackTracker, Cues/Actions)
Uploaded Image: animation.JPG

Name: Events demo
Movie: EventsDemo.dir (28 KB)
Supporting casts: song1.cst (5 KB)
Description: In this example, DART plays a sound ("boing") when the camera gets within a few inches of the cube. This is set up in DART using the DART Events (Cues and Actions). There is a DistanceTo cue that is fired when the two objects (the cube and a proxy object attached to the camera) get close. Check out the Actors and the behavior properties. (Demonstrates: Live video, Actors, Cues and Actions, AudioActor)
Uploaded Image: eventsDemo.JPG

Name: Capture/Playback Demo
Movie: CapturePlayback.dir (1.4 MB)
Supporting casts: FinalStore.cst (2KB), TempStore.cst (2KB)
Description: In DART you can capture short sequences of video and trackers into a cast library. The captured casts can be used to build applications offsite. The capture routines can also be sued to capture the motion of a tracker for use in animations. (Demonstrates: Live Video, CaptureVideo, PlaybackVideo, CaptureTrackers, PlaybackTrackers, Events)
Uploaded Image: markerTrack.JPG

Name: VRPN/Physics Demo
Movie: Physics.dir (1.0 MB)
Description: In this example, the virtual objects are positioned in global coordinates and the virtual camera updates based on tracking reports from an IS-600 tracker. The virtual object (Flower Pot) in this example is given physics (mass, friction, etc) and the 3D World has gravity. When the 'd' key is pressed the flower pot falls to the pull of gravity and collides with the floor (an invisible physical model). (Demonstrates: Live Video, VRPN, Physics, SetGravity, ObjectActors, ActorPhysicsProperties, Cues/Actions)
Supporting Xtra: Havok Physics Xtra
Uploaded Image: Physics.jpg

Name: VRPN/Physics Demo
Movie: 3DModelExamples.dir (5.8 MB)
Description: Details later
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