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VRPN Tutorial 2

The main usage of VRPN is to use peripheral devices that are connected to a remote machine for your local DART application. This tutorial is going to demonstrate the usage of a manual vrpn button. Instead of using a hardware device on the remote side there is a new behavior in the DART-framework called "VRPNManualButtonBehavior". When attached to a sprite it will create a VRPN button server and generate message according to MouseUp and MouseUp message, thereby simulating a button device.

On the client side the Tutorial 3 - DART Cues and Actions will be used with the exception that the playback of the boing sound in the audio actor is now triggered by the VRPN remote button and not any more from the BasicCue.

The only thing you need to change for the application to run is the IP address used in the ButtonCue inside the ObjectActor.

Start the server first and then the client.


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