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VRPN Tutorial 1

VRPN (the Virtual Reality Peripheral Network) can be used to share devices connected to different devices for the same VR/AR experience. Aside from this useful capabilities VRPN also provides a layer for sharing integers, floats and string between hosts.

This tutorial shows how to use this feature from within Director using the DART framework.

The tutorial uses the SharedString facilities provided the vrpn module to have a shared string that is displayed and changeable on both the client and the server machine.

Please be aware that the cast library inside the is required for running the tutorial and unfortunately should break existing DART-code that relies on VRPN for remote trackers, button, etc. If you to use the shared memory aspect of VRPN and the shared tracker one you will have to wait for the next version for DART.

As a little remedy for all of you who cannot wait for that there is the possiblity to use the developer interface to vrpn as exposed by the xtra and as encapsulated by the VRPN movie script. I have attached the Doxygen documentation with the relevant calls to the bottom of the page.


  • The last version had a little bug in the VRPN movie script, preventing the callback from being called. Thanks to Thomas for pointing that out. Please send a message to the DART-user list if the problems continue.


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