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DART Documentation

This page includes documentation for all parts of the DART system. This includes diagrams for the conceptual architecture, software architecture, hardware setup, lingo script documentation, and API documentation for the DART Xtra. There is additional information about the hardware setup, the Data directory, and other specifics about DART.

Explanations of DART
DART Conceptual Architecture - This diagram provides a high-level view of how DART works. This is a good entry point for new users to DART.
DART Software Architecture - This diagram attempts to explain the relationship between the various software components.
How DART works in Director - Explains how DART works in the programming environment and metaphors used by Director

Reference Documents
DART Lingo Script Documentation - This page provides a link to PDF version of the Lingo Script Documentation. The documentation provides details on how to use each script and specifics about different configurations.
DART Xtra Documentation - (Useful for developers only). API listing of Xtra functions.

Additional Information
Camera setup - Explanation of camera configurations in DART
The DART Data Directory - Breakdown of Data directory, and how to modify it
VRPN Specifics - How to set up VRPN devices to work in DART
Things to watch out for

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