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Trackers and devices for DART

DART access trackers via the VRPN ( tracker and device library. Any device supported by VRPN should work. Some documentation on DART and VRPN is on the VRPN Specifics page. We are sometimes a little behind VRPN in terms of supported devices, although we are current as of April 2004.

We support trackers, buttons and analogs. The text cast member for configuring VRPN servers is EXACTLY the same format as the vrpn.cfg configuration file documented on the VRPN web site.

We have the ability to create "virtual servers" (for trackers, buttons and analogs) in Lingo, that can be connected to from any other machine. New reports for these virtual servers are created through a method call into the xtra. We have also exposed VRPN's shared memory subsystem into Director, allowing integers, floats and text strings to be replicated between processes (and callbacks to be called when a value is changed).

We have successfully used the Phidgets toolkit (see into Director, and built a set of DART behaviors to use them. They allow simple analog and digital devices to be hooked up via USB. See DART and lingo samples/extensions (not in the distribution) .

Please add any questions or discussion here.

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