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Known Issues with DART Version 1

There are several known issues with DART that we are currently working to fix.

  • VRPN:
    • There is a small bug when using VRPNButtons or VRPNAnalog. The line:
      • tracker_open = TRUE (line 182 in AnalogSubscribe and line 137 in ButtonSubscribe)
      • should be moved to just under the VRPNOpenRemote... calls:

      • buttonID = vrpnOpenRemoteButton(trackername,#ButtonUpdate,0)
      • tracker_open = TRUE
      • analogID = vrpnOpenRemoteAnalog(trackername,#AnalogUpdate)
      • tracker_open = TRUE

    • the quaternion order is only setup for the intersense trackers. If use are using any other trackers (i.e. besides the IS-600 or IS-900), you must swap between wxyz and xyzw (our quat->matrix conversion is set up for intersense).

  • Video in background setup:
    • To get video in the background we use OpenGL to grab the context for any textures in your 3D world. This initial context intialization (videoSetupVideoToTexture) MUST be called after the background texture has been added but BEFORE any other ones are. This is a hack, and we will continue to try and improve it.
    • So what you need to do is to let sufficient time elapsed between the beginning of the LiveVideo and the construction of your models (at least a couple of frames). The issue was discussed also in the DART-User list under the subject ([DART-Users] HELP!!-video texture problems).
    • This only works for OpenGL (you must set your Preferred 3D Renderer to OpenGL). If the video starts going into the wrong texture, you must restart the application.
    • New ATI graphics cards may not update the 3D world if their are no objects getting updated. Our GL trick to change the texture in the background is never refreshed. ATI is doing the right thing, but it doesn't realize it's supposed to update the texture. The work around is to place a tiny 3D object somewhere visible by the virtual camera so that the ATI card updates the graphics (and the texture).
  • Drag-and-drop problems:
    • Occasionally, the ability to drag-and-drop casts onto the score is lost. We are trying to find what's causing it (it's probably a memory leak in the xtra), but again, just restart.
  • Capture/Playback issues:
    • Marker tracking fails during playback if MarkerTracking is not on the score under the current loop. The screen turns black as soon as the tracking information starts to play.
    • Once this works, if playing camera and markerdata in an infinite loop... they start to get off track. The camera appears to be ahead of the tracker and it gets increasingly worse.
  • Specific order of casts in SketchActor:
    • You must place casts in a prescribed order in the sketch cast libraries. They must have the images in order they are to be played, the the sound file, then the timeline text file
    • Should be: use the first located sound file, use 'timeline' text file and get the image that cooresponds with the name in the timeline text file.
  • Cue/Action issues
    • StartActor does not work with continuous option. Only use the "One Time" option with this action.

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