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DART Installation

New installation instructions:

  • DART software: NOTE: We are preparing to release a new version of DART in a few weeks. Until then, we prefer that users wait and not use the old code. Thanks for your interest! You will hear from us soon.
    • Unzip the installation to "C:\DART\" (This directory will contain the DART xtra and 4 folders: Applications, Data, DART-DLL, and DART-Lingo).
    • Move the DART xtra to the Xtras directory. This is usually something like: "C:\Program Files\Macromedia\Director MX\Xtras\".
    • Set the path for .dll files. Place this anywhere on your machine and set the path to it. They can be placed in the same directory as the xtra, if you wish.
  • Test the installation:
    • Run the test program, DART-Blank.dir, under the applications directory. This will help identify any installation issues. If the program opens without error, then the installation is correct and you can move on to other test programs.
    • Setup your hardware and test them externally. Most cameras come with some sort of test program - make sure the camera is working properly. Also, check the Camera Setup information.
    • If you use live video, set the last field in the property window for LiveVideo to the base directory, in this case "C:\DART\Data".
  • Get started with:
  • Get help here:

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