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Tutorial 3 - DART Cues and Actions

Interactivity or the ability for the userís action to affect the appearance and behavior of virtual objects in the world is one of the unique aspects of augmented reality. DART supports the notion of Cues and Actions as tools for setting up interactivity in AR applications. DART Cues are things that occur in the world that you want to keep an eye on (i.e. a certain time was reached, the user moved to a certain place, two objects are moved close to each other, a keyboard key was pressed, etc.). A Cue can be almost anything that happens within the system that you want to respond to. DART Actions are the responses that happen when a Cue is fired. There are Action to support a wide-range of activity (i.e. Start an Actor, Pause an Actor, Transform Actor, Apply Forces, Jump to Marker, etc.). A full definition of these abstractions and the possible configurations is provided in the DART Lingo Script Definitions.

In this tutorial you will learn to:

  • Generate Cues to alarm the system of certain events
  • Create Actions to respond to the Cues in a specific way
  • Construct an AudioActor to play a sound when a cue is fired

More to come, but here is the Director movie, if you want to get started: DART-tutorial-3.dir (27 KB), song1.cst (springy sound)

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