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DART Tutorials

This page is home to tutorials on how to use DART. The tutorials start off slow with simple examples to help people get started. The tutorials get more challenging as we get into using DART's cue/action model, producing video actors, and writing your own behaviors for actors. Each tutorial includes an example Director file, useful screenshots, and descriptions of how the example works. Please follow this format as much as possible when creating your own tutorials.

DART basic tutorials

  1. Live camera as the background - Tutorial 1 - Camera Testing
  2. Simple objects and fiducial marker tracking (ARToolkit) - Tutorial 2 - Marker Tracking and 3D objects
  3. Simple User Interaction - Tutorial 3 - DART Cues and Actions

VRPN tutorials - This is still experimental and will break existing VRPN code that uses remote trackers, analogs and buttons

Please save your current copy of the DART-Lingo so that you can restore them. The tutorials below use a different version of DART-Lingo that has not been integrated into the full release.

You can have a look at these tutorials to get a feeling for what will be possible.

  1. Basic tutorial to demonstrate how to share string objects using vrpn - VRPN Tutorial 1
  2. This tutorial shows how to use remote VRPN Button behavior to trigger CueActions using ButtonCues and VRPN - VRPN Tutorial 2
  3. This is just a slight modification of tutorial 2 where the button is not remote but local if there is only one machine available - VRPN Tutorial 2b
  4. Tutorial which demonstrates how to monitor enabled VRPN devices. The tutorial uses a Magellan GPS device in monitoring mode - VRPN Observer Tutorial

Advanced tutorials

Tutorials from users

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